Dec. 12th, 2007

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So I check pretty much every morning, cause, hey, it might be an awesome woot that day. This was what my sleepy eyes beheld this morning (well, ok, it was 1:30 pm. But I was out late last night.):

NavMan N40i NavPix 3.5" Touchscreen GPS
by Wootbot 12:00 AM
Woot Has this ever happened to you? You’re on your honeymoon, just trying to start your life as a normal couple, when suddenly you have no idea where you are or why it’s raining. The NavMan N40i NavPix GPS is ready for just this problem.

The NavMan N40i NavPix GPS knows the roads like it was the trusted guide in an old R.K.O. movie. The included United States Maps will make it easy for you to plot the best path away from the science department of your beloved American university. Once you’re underway, the built-in “Fuel” and “Park” buttons let you know where to get gas or a safe place to leave the car. You won’t have to go up to that old castle. But if you do, you’ll know that the NavMan N40i NavPix GPS is slim, reliable and accurate. This may not help you at the door, but it will mean one less worry when you see a room full of people doing pelvic thrusts.

The NavMan N40i NavPix GPS lets you look up a location by complete address, which will provide the best route away from that mad scientist in fishnets who is grinning at you. The Journey View lets you see the whole picture, from what came before to where you’re trying to be. There’s a finger-friendly interface (the mad scientist will love that) and a large 3.5” toucha-toucha-toucha-touchscreen. Want to stay for meat loaf? If you do, the Advanced Motorway Navigation will help you plan a new route and make up for lost time.

However, the most interesting feature of the NavMan N40i NavPix GPS is the integrated digital camera that saves what they call NavPix. You can make these NavPix of any place you like, creating the perfect rose-tinted memory, then calling up the route by image to find your way back any time you want. This could come in handy when the local riff-raff decides to send you away before you’re ready to leave.

The NavMan N40i NavPix GPS will help you be where you dream. Just promise us you won’t go to any game shows in Denton.


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