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Livetta posted a meme about the theme songs of one's life, and I ddecided to give it a whirl along with opitional addition of theme songs for people.
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I just laughted until I couldn't breathe.

then I thought "I should share... hehehehe"
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Well, the insanity of this weekend has yielded its fruits: head goo and general malaise. So I'm going to be sleeping, and maybe playing video games until I feel more alive.

But since I'm trying not to take sick time, I'm going to rest to be well enough to go to work. sigh.

A summery of what I did this weekend follows: Friday: wakeup, lunch, running around, training, drive to Tampa, change plans en route, drop off Story in south Tampa, magically find the Castle, dance until 3 am, drive home, take Moonkai to Airport, fall asleep (4 hours). wake up. Caffeinated, rise, repeat. Go to class for 6 hours. Go home. Prepare to pass out. Instead, go to dinner with Pairadox's family. Hang out with them. Eventually fall asleep (3 hours). Wake up, get dressed as super librarian, go to wall. Dance for 2 hours. Get pancakes with Rachel W., Phil, and James. Pass out at home. Sleeeeeeeppps. Wake up 8 hours later. Clean house. (start to feel sick)Go to Rattatoulie with Mom, Jahna, and James. Have dinner. Go to work. Go home, and pass out. Wake up this morning by telemarketer. Grrr. Have lunch with Dad. Move porch swing into dad's car. Update LJ. Pass out. Sleepsssssss.....
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Well, actually, I realized that there are somethings which I would like to receive for my B-day, which is next month, on the 17th. Party, as stated elsewhere, is on the 16th at the new Whore house. Harem theme!

But actually, people always ask me what I want for my birthday, and I can't think of anything at the time, and so no one is satisfied.

So: a list. Stating with the most unlikely things first:

A library book cart. Preferably with either two flat shelves, or a flat top shelf and divided bottom shelves. (This is a pie in the sky, because it will cost about 300$, not counting shipping)

A Canon digital camera with at least 4 mega pixels resolution. I prefer a viewfinder as well as LCD screen. (This is also a bit above and beyond, but if anyone has one just sitting around...)

A bit more realistic:

Flat tall black goth boots with a platform, but no actual heel. I wear about a 7. Lots of buckles and stuff would be great.

a copy of the Mirrormask book.

Actually realistic:

Mirrormask action figures. I have the set with the Librarian and Valentine

Money towards my pomegranate tattoo. In any amount, since the jar is currently at 4 dollars, and even just the outline shall be much more than that.

BPAL's Scorpio 2007 or an assortment of imps (posted later).

Beads are always good. Or money for beads.

Book store gift certificates are nice. I can't think of anything more specific, and I have lots of books so to prevent duplicates...

Goodwill gift certificates

Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Micheal's Crafts gift certificates

Subscriptions to Beadwork, Ornament, Polymer Cafe, Jewelry Craft, or Belle Amour Jewelry. Feed my addiction.

broken jewelry, jewelery or buttons you're getting rid of... that sort of thing.

and the pleasure of your company if you can manage it.
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the meme!

(1) Go to
(2) Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
(3) Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
(4) Post up to as many results as make you LOL.

the response, (yep.) is for things that I have done, even if I didn't get paid for them.

Director of Photography (huh... if I had the skills)

Director (yep.)

Set Designer(yep.)

Costume Designer(yep.)

Music Teacher / Instructor
(but not, because I can't play music to save my life)

ESL Teacher (huh)

Foreign Language Instructor (umm... that learning another language thing...)
Special Effects Technician (yep.)

Librarian(well, I must be doing something right)

Tour Guide (oh yeah. :) yep.)

Animator (huh.)

Desktop Publisher (um. kinda yep?)

Actor (but I like eating! yep.)

Occupational Therapist

Corporate Trainer (now this is a great idea.)

Potter (yep.)

Computer Trainer (um. are you sure about that?)

Dental Assistant (ummm...)

Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator (but I haz not skillz!)

Craftsperson (yep. did I mention that I like to eat?)

Fashion Designer (oh yeah. now... how do I get this again?)

Special Education Teacher (huh.)

High School Teacher (well... maybe)

Elementary School Teacher (not so much.)

Teacher Assistant (yep.)

Curator (huh. maybe)

Early Childhood Educator (no... not so much)

Professor (I like eating!)

Makeup Artist (yep.)

Coach (on what? )

Graphic Designer (sorta kinda?)

Artist (of a sort)

Musician (did I mention that I can't play?)

Speech-Language Pathologist (my friend is doinbg this actually)

Comedian (I'm... not really that amuseing)

Computer Animator (huh?)

Library Technician (No! dear god, No!)

Casting Director (and my casting couch...)

Art Director(brillant! I will break the young artists... muahahahah)

Interior Decorator ("I think we need a spanking bench here, don't you?")
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This is a wonderful peice of text:

(Go read it. Really. It is fun and funny.)
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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension30
Your crimeBeing too beautiful to live.
Who reported youmazzikin
Your fatePsychotic break caused by loss of posting access.
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A new horizon!

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Jul. 26th, 2007 08:11 pm
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Some days everything doesn't go as you planned. Some days, you just have to let go of your own agenda for the day, and make a new one. Some days, those turn out to be pretty awesome days.

In other news, we have mice. Pet mice. My two mice are named Errata (light brown and white), and Marginalia (dark brown and white). Moonkai's mouse is white and named Eudora. They are library mice, and like to fight over who gets to play on the exercise wheel. Picture three mice on one tiny wheel...

The wheel squeaks, but the mice seem terribly happy.
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More Project Lit. Lust behind the cut...

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Project Lit. Lust entry behind the cut.
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I had forgotten, somehow, the sprit of adventure which used to characterize my reading habits. Granted, I would tend to get obsessed and linger in certain areas of intrest as a younger person, but in sheer bordom I would read a quite catholic selection of books.

Then came New College, where the assigned reading took 90% of my time and energy, and what was left of my escapest reading was not new or different books... no, it was the same authors, (with one or two exceptions) and the books I had read before.

Now my summer class is done, and I am significanlty less employed. And I work at the library; I have taken to wandering through the stacks and grabbing anything the strikes my fancy. And reading it.

I can feel my brain working overtime, fizzing with new language, new works, new authors, and I wanted to share. And remind myself what I'm doing with my time at work :).

So this is the new project. These entries will be behind a cut, and tagged as (Project Lit. Lust). Tune in, if you like.
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The job I interviewed for over a week ago finally got back to me! Starting on Monday, I will be working the night shift at Cook library's Circulation desk. It is part time, but has benifets, so this is a step up!

I have to go a speak with Human Resources tomorrow when the person I need to speak with is back from vacation. I may even be able to work both jobs for the period of overlap (the pretty paychecks....) which means that I will only be able to socilize Friday and Saturday evenings from next Monday until school starts. Ah well.

Glee! I have a new job!
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I found out today, that as of 20th of july, my job will no longer exist. Because, you see, finiacial aid is being moved to robertson hall, without an if you please, madam, to my boss. Does anyone on campus know where Robertson hall is? Have you been there? Have you see the killer stairs that all students will be required to climb from now on? This has "A VERY bad Idea" written all over it. but the important part for me is the fact that my job will no longer exisit in 5 ish weeks. I've applied for, and had the interview for a job over in the library, which I could reallyuse. I should find out in a week or so. And other than that: I'm going to be job hunting again.


I though I was done with the being jobless and broke thing for a bit.
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behind the cut, ofr those who are not pleased with my cleverness.

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From now on, I shall be yoinking bits of Bryce's LJ posts and writing poems for no reason in particular, except that Bryce seems to have stolen all the lingual insperation from the world and I'm going to steal it back. It is like a workshop prompt: take a journal entry from Bryce, and write a poem.

hehehehe.... for today:

“When you're in the ground it's hard to speak.”

Roots have stolen speech
with lips wrapped around them
swallow down
like thoughts lie in unplowed fields.
“Silent thoughts,”
I think. Except
I spoken them in my mind
“Are they still like stones?”

Because only stone
hold me down
roots pull them up,
turning over
in a few hundred years
the under is above ground
and farmers pull
thoughts from the fields.
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So while the first plan to digitize the sex web did not pan out so much, I did find (through my library science class, no less)

which allows you to catalogue your personal library online, which is the coolest thing ever! and i bought a CueCat. Because they have a program that takes the barcode, has the cuecat read it (the cuecat hooks into USB port,) and converts it into a ISBN number, which the website then looks up in the Library of Congress database, and adds into you library. It is so fricking cool! as soon as the website finsihs the beta testing I will be putting a thingy that lets all of you fine people brose through my library.

Bibliophiles: you can store 200 titles for free, or 10$ for a year membership, and 25$ for a lifetime for unlimited storage. Yey!

I have a CueCat coming to me....
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