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A new horizon!

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More Project Lit. Lust behind the cut...

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Project Lit. Lust entry behind the cut.
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I had forgotten, somehow, the sprit of adventure which used to characterize my reading habits. Granted, I would tend to get obsessed and linger in certain areas of intrest as a younger person, but in sheer bordom I would read a quite catholic selection of books.

Then came New College, where the assigned reading took 90% of my time and energy, and what was left of my escapest reading was not new or different books... no, it was the same authors, (with one or two exceptions) and the books I had read before.

Now my summer class is done, and I am significanlty less employed. And I work at the library; I have taken to wandering through the stacks and grabbing anything the strikes my fancy. And reading it.

I can feel my brain working overtime, fizzing with new language, new works, new authors, and I wanted to share. And remind myself what I'm doing with my time at work :).

So this is the new project. These entries will be behind a cut, and tagged as (Project Lit. Lust). Tune in, if you like.


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