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Today was lovely, I must admit, but I'm feeling rather down at the end. Part of it is the lateness of the hour, especailly considering when I rose this morning, and at what time I had gone to bed. Another part of it could the the combination of cold, a malfuntioning body, and computer eye strain.

But down I am, although not yet down and out, or down and dirty, or down underground.

The day began early, and Pairadox and I journeyed northwards to my ancestral abode, to visit my paternal parent. We did, and then ventured north to Tampa, and the Taj, and its all you can eat lunch buffet. After a productive detour to Jo-Ann's, for crafty on-sale goodness, we attacked the buffet, and emerged, blinking in the sunlight and much better fed.

With a couple hours to kill, we went to MOSI and saw the IMAX presentation on mummies, and a quite cool little exhibit on India. And the museum store. And the butterfly garden. Then we ventured southish to Borders, where James and I perused books for an hour, beofre I abandoned him to go to my class: the reason we were in Tampa. (Act one)

(Act two) The grand plan to have Mazzikin pick Pairadox up fails to happen, leaving James stranded in the bookstore for several hours. I get a superfludity of messages at the end of class, and rush down to south Tampa to retrieve the abandoned.

Get to work, and Mazzikin shows up, contrite. Then he and Pairadox abscond off to the pub, ofr convivality and drinking with a large group of revealers. I stay a work, and feel vaguely like (Act three).

Tomorrow we shall run off to Tallahasse for Indigo Girls concert, and a weekend of roadtripping fun, and seeing people.

And I'm out.
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