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...on the hell that Thursdays are. You see, Thursdays, prior to this semester were not particularly memorable. I mean, sure, they were the second to the last day of the week, and niether Monday, nor Wednesday, my heretofore days-I-did-not-much-care-for-days.

But with the decision to take a grad. school class in Tampa came the neccisty to a) drive to Tampa, b)have class from 5-7:45pm, c)jump in the car in order to: d) go to work from 9pm to 1 am.

This drive often takes more than an hour, so I trade time with the person who works the shift before mine. But Thursday's suck.

This Thursday, however, was quite pleasent for a Thursday. I woke up before the alrum, had a lovely lunch with Pairadox, drove up to Tampa, got caught in a very long accedent on 275 on my way to meet Mazzikin for chocolate, had said chocolate, (mmmmmmm), went to class, learned I had gotten a 98% (go me!) on last week's assignment, drove home, got Atlanta Bread Company for dinner, and got to work.

And this is my new defination of a relatively good Thursday. The Best Thursday was when Pairadox took off work, and we spent the day in Tampa together.

But today was pretty good.
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