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Last night I dreamed of a little community that eschewed modern technology, and lived either in another dimension, or in the middle of nowhere. (The dream was not clear at all.) But the crux of the dream was the mother to daughter line of pie bakers. You see, only one person in this very small community could bake the pies at a time, and there was a lot of anxiety about the pies degenerating from generation to generation, and the fact hat the pie baker's tended to forget about that whole reproducing a replacement thing. So the pies were brought froth, and I declared that the lemon meringue was not as good as it had been. And then there was a storm coming, and I was running around trying to get everything cleaned up and in the house, and there were pink poodle puppies that kept falling into cracks, and my cousins were refusing to take the puppies through the windows. And there was something about dimensional travel and a couple who had wandered here, and then gone back to the modern world, and were trying to come back, but they had to face an inquisition about their relationship, which was full of lies, and infidelities .

And then I woke up, and realized I was supposed to be having lunch with Pairadox right then. So I got showered and and dressed, and met him at Four Winds for a nice lunch. Misha seems to have contracted the plague, so I'm working on gig prep. for the weekend.
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