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So Friday I spent most of the evening and part of my day doing gig prep. for the Asian Art Festival at Selby Gardens, and a birthday party as Belle down in Venice. Saturday I woke up, got ready, and the car packed, and drove with Pairadox down to the fair.

Pairadox helped me unload, and then drove to get Rachel and her boy, since I had a birthday party gig down in Venice that I had agreed to do before I got hired for the festival. So Rachel would fill in for me, while I went to the other end of the county.

So I worked the festival until 11, at which point I changed into Belle, drove down to Venice, did the birthday party, drove back to Sarasota, changed back into my festival costume, and took over for Rachel at around 2 ish. So I painted more faces until 3:30, when the sky opened up. I sheltered with the food vendors, and called James to get me. We went out for food with Phil, and then stopped by Misha and bnell's place to visit a bit.

Went home, passed out, woke up. Got ready. Checked the weather report, looked at the sky, and went to Biglots and bought a tent. Got to the festival. Then quickly set up tent and booth, with some help from one of the small children who had spent most of the day previous being painted by either me or Rachel. Worked all day.
Was fed at 2:30 by the Thai Palace people who all got there faces painted. Made lots of tips.
Conned more small children into helping me break down the tent.

Loaded up the car, started driving home, went to Goodwill, cause I wanted a treat, got things. Like Shoes which I love and shouldn't wear, a leather sleeveless top that escaped the Matrix, and a tea box. Got a phone call from James, and went to meet him at Misha and bnell's. Hung out. Went out to dinner with Paradox and Aleta. Came to work. Made this post.

So that was my weekend....
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