Feb. 20th, 2008

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Mazzikin is always very curious about my dreams, since they are vivid, I recall lots of them, and they are odd. Very odd indeed. So I have started making an effort to remember and post my dreams. Sometime they go on different filters, but this one was so weird I thought I would just throw it out there.

So I have enrolled in a class taught by bnell, which is sort of a history/writing/martial arts class. I am the oldest one in the class: everyone else is in 5th grade or so. So I'm doing the class, and having trouble with the martial arts component, because a) I'm larger than most of the other students, and b) I have a lot of anxiety with learning new ways to move my body.

But when I get out of class and go to the cafeteria to look for Pairadox, I am told that he and Mazzikin challenged each other to a race in pirate ships, to this very far away place, and I should see them in 10 years or so. At this my reaction is: "Again?" Because in my dream this had happened before, and it had taken 3 years and a lot of trouble for them to come back. So I'm sitting around for ten years, and at that point I get a letter from Pairadox which refers to other letters which never reached me, saying that he had run into trouble, but he loved me and was coming home. So Pairadox does show up, and my upset about he and Mazzikin leaving on a ten year trip without even telling me seems to have disappeared. Instead I'm very glad to see, him, and happy homecomings ensue. So then I ask him about the rac, and he says he never made it there, and that there were some issues with his ship and some rocks. So neither of us has any idea where Mazzikin could be. So I'm wandering around in the dream looking for him, with Pairadox, and after than was when I woke up.

For future reference: do not leave your girlfriend to go on a ten year race with out telling her first. It makes her upset.


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